How to Use Telegram for Business (Ultimate Guide)

New to Telegram for Business? In this article, we’ll cover how to start a Telegram Business Account using Telegram Bots. You’ll also learn the best practices on how to connect the bot, find customers and message them with our all-in-one guide! As a bonus, we’ll show you how to create broadcasts on Telegram too.

So you have heard about Telegram and want to use it for your company then you are welcome to reply.

How to Use Telegram for Business


Where is Telegram Popular

Telegram had approximately 400 million monthly active users as of the end of 2020. It is one of the few messaging apps that is gaining users relative to its competitors like Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp with Eastern Europe South America and Africa being the top spots. Where the app is growing so Telegram is perfect for connecting with customers in these regions.

How to get Telegram Business Account

There are many ways to use Telegram for business. But if you want to use Telegram for sales and customer support. Then you should create a free Telegram bot for your company.

Telegram bot is an API. Which sends messages from Telegram network which means Telegram bot does not provide a platform to reply to the messages sent. But don’t worry we have a solution for you at the end of this article.

How to get Customers on Telegram

Telegram doesn’t allow brands to send the first message to reduce spam, so Telegram users will have to be the one to initiate the conversation. Luckily there are ways to encourage customers to initiate chats. You can use or generate a chat link in the text image button. qr codes place chat links on websites or newsletters to direct users to your Telegram bot. Whereas QR codes encourage customers of your physical store to chat with you.

Messaging your Customers on Telegram

Once you’ve got Telegram users as contact messaging, it’s easy. Telegram bots have no limits. Once the conversation with the customer is open. While some business messaging apps limit messaging after 24 hours. The bot allows you to send rich media like picture video files etc. At any time you can send broadcasts to contacts as many times as you want. This is possible if you choose the right software for your Telegram bot.

How to use Telegram Bot (API)

So you are ready to start using Telegram for your business,
, But the bot doesn’t have anywhere to send or receive messages by design. You need to connect it to a crm or a free messaging platform like Follow to create your Telegram bot.

Follow the guide here and once you get your bot’s API token you can add the token to your account to connect. You can then go to the messaging module to chat with your customers. You can add pictures, videos and files to your conversations. To help customers understand your answers.

How to create Broadcasts on Telegram

You can also go to the broadcast model to send a broadcast. This feature allows you to schedule your broadcast messages before sending them out to all of your customers. Or target only selected contacts.

Sign Up for Free Account!

Now that you know how to use Telegram for trading, sign up for a free response by clicking on the link in the description below. iii account so you can start messaging your customers on Telegram like a pro. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks so much for watching and don’t forget to give this video a like and subscribe for all things feedback. Business is sending you a message.

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