Best Telegram Bots in 2022

Today I will show you the best Telegram bots to try in 2022!! Which are most useful for most of your daily tasks, or can also call these bots as Telegram applications. And I have telegram bot from some categories like best telegram bot for movies, best telegram bot for games and other categories as well as best telegram bot for pdf and other productivity related telegram bot. So let’s watch the video and catch these hidden bots that you have been searching for since a very long time.

If you are using Telegram, then you must be aware of the amazing parts that help you to simplify many tasks. And reduce the dependency on many heavy apps installed in your phone. And today again I will show you some interesting bots that will amaze you.

Best Telegram Bots in 2022

So keep your phone ready to experience these bots. And without any further ado let’s start the article with our first bot.


Best Telegram Bots List

  • URL Uploader x bot
  • Text-to-speech bot
  • File converter bot
  • Skeddy bot
  • GIFmsg bot

1. URL Uploader x bot

What can This bot do? 
@urluploadxbot Remotely upload files to Telegram with many features.

You must have used many bots which helps you to download music videos and other files. But “URL Uploader” will help you to upload files in Telegram. And it will be very useful in case where there is not enough space in your phone and you want to download a file.

You can simply upload the file to Telegram and download it whenever you want. Also in a situation where you are facing internet connectivity issues, this bot is very useful. Now how to use this bot? So first, open your Telegram and search URL Uploader and select the one with this icon. Once the bot is open, click on Start.

And now you can paste any direct file url link like google drive, mediafire, or any other to upload file in telegram. Here I am using this google drive link for demo purpose. Now I will go to the bot and paste the link here and click on send. Now you can see that the bot is processing your request. And here you go the file is now uploaded. Now when you click on these three lines. So you will get many other options as well.

Like upgrading your account. Upgrading Quota Usages Enabling and Disabling Screenshots. And many other options related to file upload. In the free version it will only allow you to upload files less than or equal to 500MB. But if you want to increase the uploading quota then you can also buy the premium version of it.


  • URL upload (Remote upload)
  • Rename File
  • Convert to video
  • Convert to document
  • Custom thumbnail
  • This Bot absolutely free.


  • Daily upload: 0.00 Bytes/5.00 GiB
  • Parallel process: 1
  • Timeout: 15 minutes
  • Time gap: Yes
  • Validity: Lifetime

Price: Free

  • High priority
  • Upload 4GB files
  • Set default caption
  • Daily upload: 20.00 GiB
  • Parallel process: 1
  • No timeout
  • No time gap

Price: $1.99 | ₹99 per month

  • High priority
  • Upload 4GB files
  • Set default caption
  • Daily upload: 50.00 GiB
  • Parallel process: 2
  • No timeout
  • No time gap

Price: $2.99 | ₹169 per month

  • High priority
  • Upload 4GB files
  • Set default caption
  • Daily upload: Unlimited
  • Parallel process: 3
  • No timeout
  • No time gap

Price: $6.99 | ₹449 per month

2. Text-to-speech bot

What can This bot do?
@TextTSBot translates your text message to audio. You only neet to specify language, the voice type and it's done! 

And the next bot on our list is Text to Speech, which helps you convert text to voice. All you have to do is enter the text, and this bot will read it for you. The best part is that it supports multiple languages ​​and multiple voice tones as well. And to use this bot first search text to speech in telegram and click on the bot which has this icon.

Now click on Start. And it will ask you to select a language that you want to use. And for the demo here, I’ll choose English. And now it will ask you to choose a favorite voice. where the upper 2 has the US tone and the UK has the last. Here I will go with the second option which is Julie (US), and that’s it. Now all the settings are done, I will copy and paste this text and click send. Now you can see that the bot is converting it into voice.

And I will also play for you to understand the voice quality. “Done now you can talk with bot any message will be converted don’t forget you can change your preferences with slash language”. You can use it for any purpose, so be sure to have this bot handy.


  • This bot supports 14 languages. [English, Spanish, Hindi, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Catalan, Finnish, Turkish, Polish, Chinese]
  • prefered voice [Dave (US), Julie (US), Simon (UK), Catherine (UK)]
  • the limit of 1000 characters.
  • This Bot absolutely free.

3. File converter

What can This bot do?
@newfileconverterbot_bot This bot allows to convert files from one format to another easily. It works with images, audio files, and videos.

You want to get the sound out of it. And in all these situations this bot will work perfectly. Now to use this bot first search for “file converter” and select the one that has this icon. Now click on Start. And the bot is now ready to use. Here you can upload a file directly from your camera or phone storage or forward a Telegram or WhatsApp message to be converted to another format.

Now first of all I will click a picture from attachment option and attach it. Now you can see that it will give you the details in which format the file is currently in and also what other option we have to convert this photo. Here I will select PNG. And you can see the file conversion in progress. Now we have the file in PNG format.

Similarly I will forward a message from a group to file converter and you can see it identifying the format and providing us the list of options in which we can convert this file. And now you can see that I have the mp3 file of this video. And the next bot on our list is “Skady“. May be you are using any app to send notification on your notification bar but this bot will help you to send notification without using any app.


  • With me you can convert files from one format to another.
  • Images, Audio, Video and other files are supported.
  • Video messages, audio messages (Telegram and WhatsApp) are supported too.

4. Skeddy bot

What can this bot do?
@GroupHelpBot is the most complete Bot to help you manage your groups easily and safely!

And to use this bot first search “Skeddy” in Telegram and select this bot. Now it will ask to choose the language. I will choose English here. And again it will ask your city name to identify the time zone. Now, the bot is ready to set reminders. Type your message here that you want to set as a reminder. And update time for demo I will set it after one minute from current time.

Remember, if you don’t update AM or PM after the time, it will be considered as 24-hour format. Now you can see that reminder is updated and will wait for few seconds for notification. And here you can see that we have notification from “Skeddy“. Now if you want to repeat this notification, you have the option to set the interval here.


  • reload updates the Admins list and their privileges
  • settings lets you manage all the Bot settings in a group
  • ban lets you ban a user from the group without giving him the possibility to join again using the link of the group
  • mute puts a user in read-only mode. He can read but he can’t send any messages

5. GIFmsg bot

What can this bot do? 
@gifmsgbot this bot find text to any gif.

And the last bot on today’s list is “Gifmsgbot” which helps you find amazing GIFs on Telegram. And to use this bot, first search “gifmsgbot” without any space between these words. And select the option that has this icon. Now click on start and the bot is ready to search.

Now you can start searching for gifs by typing “@gifmsgbot” and keywords for gifs. Like I’m looking for a GIF to subscribe to. So I’ll type here subscribe. Now as you can see we have a huge list of GIFs related to Subscribe World. Now choose the GIF you want to download. A very simple bot but useful, if you are active on multiple messenger apps.


  • free
  • Search text to GIF

Final word

And that’s all people, those were the list of bots that you must have if you like to use Telegram. Ok thanks for watching guys, if you have any questions or comments. So make sure to comment below in the comment section below.